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The Sussex Martyrs

The true story of courage and faith


Every year in Lewes, an effigy of the Pope is carried through the streets and burnt on a huge bonfire. It is a reminder of a dark period of English history when bloody Queen Mary was on the throne and over 300 protestants were sent to their death. It is the true story of one of those martyrs, Richard Woodman, an iron master from the village of Warbleton who along with ten others, were executed on June 22nd  1557, by being burnt on the stake. His exact words, recorded in Fox's Book of Martyrs, have been carefully woven by the author, Robert Armstrong, into a moving story which makes this audio book a memorable experience.


Paper-Back Book £3.99 - To Purchase book please phone 01323 734809 to check availability.

Audio Book ; Running Time 120 minutes
To Purchase audio book please phone 01323 734809 to check availability.

The Birth of Eastbourne


Robert Armstrong's THE BIRTH OF EASTBOURNE is a time machine transporting the listener back to the town's creation as seen through the eyes of a travelling family just arrived to witness this event.  Emerging out of the countryside, it is an area touched by Romans, Saxons and Medieval history. Then, in 1883, the town took on its important role as one of Britain's leading seaside resorts.

In the BIRTH OF EASTBOURNE, the listener relives the moment when the population of four hamlets swelled to 22,000, making Eastbourne a fully fledged town. But it is not just a political history, for Eastbourne is made of many facets - the great mansions in the Meads, more modest dwellings at the eastern end of the town, of fishermen, promenade artists and the people who were to serve the influx of visitors.

THE BIRTH OF EASTBOURNE is a living account of these momentous years, from 1883 to the start of the 20th century; years that have put Eastbourne not only nationally, but internationally on the map.


Audio Book : £5 - To Purchase book please phone 01323 734809 to check availability.


Running Time 120 minutes   

Pilgrim Soul


Robert Armstrong’s ‘The Pilgrim Soul’ is a small volume designed to awaken the reader to the vast and varied domain of spirituality. It is a guide to an unseen, but very real world of mystery that lies just outside our senses.

The author explores the migration of the Soul, its connection with God, how science and spirituality often interweave, the power of tantra in co-creation with the divine, the possibility of telepathic travel and our future path as part of a divine plan for humanity. The Pilgrim Soul is an overview of this vast domain and one that may fire the reader to a wider reading of the numerous books on this important and extensive subject. We are all Pilgrim Souls and our journey through life is to reawaken our realisation that we are not just mortal, but immortal beings, whose Soul purpose is revealed at every step we take towards our ultimate destiny.


Paper-Back Book £6 - To Purchase book please phone 01323 734809 to check availability.

The Eternal Soul


Robert Armstrong’s ‘The Eternal Soul’ is an exploration into the meaning of existence and our role as members of a human family. It sets out to ask what is the purpose of life and to investigate why humanity has departed from a peaceful co-existence to that of conflict and greed, while accepting the competitive nature of mankind. In this, it goes deeper searching for a spiritual aspect and how we have evolved over the centuries. To understand the nature of life, the book looks at the scientific as well as the spiritual reason for being alive, questioning whether we have a robotic purpose or are we eternal life forms on a journey of growth and if so, what is our role in the universe?  


Paper Back Book £6  - To Purchase book please phone 01323 734809 to check availability.



When Peter’s sister, Sara, disappears without a trace, he is drawn into a world of intrigue and mystery. Nothing is what it seems. The author, Robert Armstrong, has based most of the locations on real places though some of the names have been disguised, from the Wilmington Giant, Eastbourne and the Downland villages in East Sussex. As Peter delves deeper into mysterious circumstances, his own life is placed in danger by sinister forces. By searching for his sister he has uncovered a hornets nest that not only affects his existence but that of the whole world. How can he stop the inevitable tide of events that started centuries ago and is now coming to a devastating climax?


Paper Back Book £6 - To Purchase book please phone 01323 734809 to check availability.

Gnosis, Secret of the Rings


In this sequel to Gnosis, we return one year later to find Peter undergoing treatment for what the establishment consider to be a mental condition. Peter believes that he has lived through a dual existence brought on by Quantum Physics. But to the doctors the evidence is clear: his sister never disappeared, there is no Temple of Enlightenment and most assuredly, the secret service agent known as Paul never existed. Even so, all his old adversaries are still lurking in the undergrowth and new more terrifying events are unfolding. No longer just having to prove that he is sane, Peter finds himself shadowed by a doppelganger, an exact replica of himself. There are other anomalies as well; how could Kaiser return from the dead? What really is this demonic beast known as the Goat? Much of the action returns to East Sussex, the Guardians at Wilmington’s Long Man, the secret lodge at Glynham and the Temple of Enlightenment at Burnham. In Gnosis, Secret of the Rings, the Goat’s power has become worldwide causing a major threat to the future of mankind. Peter may be the only person capable of finding a solution, but to do so he must act fast.


Paper Back Book £6 - To Purchase book please phone 01323 734809 to check availability.

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